3 Elements of Leadership

  • A leader harnesses others’ strengths and uses them to achieve his or her overall goal or mission. Make sure that team members are doing jobs that they can handle and are comfortable with. Give the quant jock number crunching and the writing whiz writing assignments.
  • What does it mean to be a good leader? Here’s a simple definition: A good leader moves people in thought or in action. This definition, however, beckons the question: How? How does a leader urge or encourage people to act or think in a particular manner? Furthermore, what sorts of qualities must a leader possess in order to carry out such a mission?

  • A leader rallies others around a vision with understanding. Understanding the way your team members think, especially those that may initially disagree with you, is essential to strong leadership. To move people to action, a good leader must know how to connect with and inspire others.
  • A leader knows how to navigate the hard times. Can you keep your cool under pressure? Equally important, can you help others keep theirs?
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      Here are a few of these key elements and traits to keep in mind:

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